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Bartek Śnieciński is a passionate and successful Polish artist. After many years of mastering photography, he decided to reach out for something new and find another way to express his artistic vision. Just like this Bartek found the outlet for his creativity in sculpture. His work is inspired by the common reality, but one will just waste time looking for any commonness in his sculptures. What he creates is a reflection of his observations, judgements and intuitions. Experimenting with form and concepts resulted in a wide variety of different pieces of art. Many hide deep messages, some are just shockingly straight forward; some are the realistic images of nature, while the others present unnatural transformations of the creatures. There is one thing you can be sure of – if you’re the observer type, you’ll find his work extremely inspiring. You can already find Bartek’s sculptures in art galleries, both foreign and Polish. He also took part in two successful exhibitions in 2020: International Review of Contemporary Art „Kiodygresy” in Ostróda and IX International Review of Arts Alternatywy 33. He was invited to participate in two auctions organized by the famous auction houses in Poland. His sculptures are regularly sold in Europe and beyond.

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